Welcome to Clay Makes This, the web’s premier destination where creativity and clay converge to create magical pieces of art. Here, we celebrate the timeless craft of clay making, showcasing an eclectic mix of pottery, sculpture, decorative items, and so much more, each piece shaped by imaginative hands and hearts.

Our journey began with a simple lump of clay and a vision to build a community where both seasoned artisans and budding crafters could share their passion for pottery. At Clay Makes This, we believe that every pinch, coil, and slab holds within it the potential to become a story—the curve of a vase, the edge of a plate, a whimsical figurine, each detail weaves a narrative of creative expression that transcends language and culture.

What We Offer

  • Inspirational Gallery: Dive into our diverse gallery, full of handcrafted items that push the boundaries of conventional clay art. From functional pottery to abstract sculptures, our artists bring forth unique perspectives in every creation.
  • Workshops & Tutorials: Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an expert seeking new techniques, our tutorials and workshops, led by experienced instructors, are tailored to help you enhance your skills and embrace new challenges.
  • Community Forum: Join our vibrant community forum where thoughts and tips are shared, questions are answered, and friendships are formed. It’s a hub for discussion, learning, and celebrating each other’s accomplishments.
  • Online Store: Browse our carefully curated online store to find the perfect piece for your home, a thoughtful gift, or artisanal tools and supplies to jumpstart your own clay making adventure.

At Clay Makes This, we also honor the traditional methods that have been passed down through generations while embracing modern techniques that continue to revolutionize the craft. Sustainability is deeply ingrained in our philosophy; we take pride in using eco-friendly materials and practices, ensuring a respectful partnership with our environment.

We believe in the personal touch—connecting customers directly with the artists. Through profiles and stories, we share the personal journeys of our creators, giving insight into the passion and effort that shapes each piece listed on our site.

The power of clay is its versatility and welcoming nature; it’s a medium that’s as forgiving as it is demanding, and here at Clay Makes This, we cherish every moment of that beautiful paradox. It doesn’t matter if your hands are seasoned with years of experience or new to the soft caress of clay, we offer you the space to explore, to make mistakes, to learn, and ultimately, to create something extraordinary.

Join us on this splendid adventure into the world of clay and discover the joy of creating something truly unique with your own hands. Explore, learn, shop, or simply admire—there’s a place for every clay enthusiast here at Clay Makes This.