15 Air Dry Clay Projects for Kids: Easy and Fun Ideas

Discover engaging and easy air dry clay project ideas for kids that spark creativity and fun.

Animal Figurines From Air Dry Clay

animal figurines from air dry clay

Create cute and colourful animal figurines using air dry clay, perfect for imaginative play and display.

Clay Handprint Keepsake Plaques

clay handprint keepsake plaques

Capture a child’s handprint in a lasting plaque to cherish special memories. A unique way to create a personalized keepsake using air dry clay.

Decorative Clay Bowls and Dishes

decorative clay bowls and dishes

Create unique and functional clay bowls and dishes with air dry clay, perfect for holding snacks or small trinkets.

Clay Plant Pots With Painted Designs

clay plant pots with painted designs

Create unique plant pots by shaping air dry clay and painting intricate designs to add a personal touch to your indoor garden.

Festive Holiday Themed Ornaments

festive holiday themed ornaments

Create festive holiday themed ornaments with air dry clay to add a personalized touch to your seasonal decor.

DIY Clay Beads for Jewelry Making

diy clay beads for jewelry making

Create unique clay beads to design your own custom jewelry pieces, adding a personal touch to your accessories.

Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories

miniature fairy garden accessories

Create tiny clay fairy houses, garden furniture, and whimsical decorations to enhance the magical world of miniature fairy gardens. Visitors to your garden will be enchanted by the intricate details and charming touches of your DIY creations.

Underwater World With Sea Creatures

underwater world with sea creatures

Incorporate elements like fish, coral, and seashells into an underwater clay scene, creating a miniature ocean world with sea creatures, perfect for imaginative playtime.

Customized Nameplates for Room Doors

customized nameplates for room doors

Personalized nameplates for kids’ room doors add a fun and decorative touch to their space, making them feel special and adding a unique flair to their room decor.

Treasure Chests and Pirate Coins

treasure chests and pirate coins

Create exciting pirate-themed treasure chests filled with shiny air dry clay coins for a fun and adventurous crafting experience that will spark the imagination of kids.

Clay Masks for Creative Play

clay masks for creative play

Get ready for a fun sensory experience by creating clay masks for imaginative playtime with the kids.

Fantasy Dragons and Monsters

fantasy dragons and monsters

Kids can enjoy creating whimsical fantasy creatures like dragons and monsters using air dry clay, encouraging imaginative play and storytelling.

Solar System Models With Planets

solar system models with planets

Create a fun and educational project with air dry clay by making detailed models of the solar system and its planets.

Wind Chimes With Clay Shapes

wind chimes with clay shapes

Create whimsical wind chimes by incorporating various clay shapes. Each clay shape will catch the wind and produce gentle sounds for a delightful outdoor decoration.

Clay Picture Frames With Imprints

clay picture frames with imprints

Imprint your memories in personalized clay frames for a special touch to your pictures. Perfect for commemorating special moments or gifting to loved ones with a unique twist.

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