15 Easy Clay Things to Spark Your Creativity

Want some easy clay project ideas that even your cat could craft with its paws? Let’s get rolling with quirky spoon rests, funky fridge magnets, and plant pot pals that won’t demand a pottery wheel!

Mini Plant Pots

mini plant pots

These mini plant pots add a touch of green to your space. They are perfect for small succulents or cacti, adding a pop of color and nature to any room. Handy and cute, these pots are great for sprucing up your desk, kitchen counter, or windowsill.

Simple Coasters

simple coasters

Simple coasters add a touch of creativity to your table while protecting its surface from spills and heat.

Jewelry Bowls

jewelry bowls

Jewelry bowls are cute clay dishes to store your favorite rings and earrings. Perfect for keeping your jewelry organized and easily accessible. Great for adding a touch of charm to your dresser or vanity.

Rainbow Magnets

rainbow magnets

Rainbow magnets add a vibrant and colorful touch to your refrigerator. Each magnet is a tiny burst of joy and functionality in your home decor.

Leaf-shaped Trinket Dishes

leaf shaped trinket dishes

Leaf-shaped trinket dishes are perfect for holding small jewelry items and adding a touch of nature to your d├ęcor. They are ideal for storing rings, earrings, or other tiny treasures in an organized and stylish way. These dishes can be a fun and easy clay project to work on, allowing you to express your creativity in a practical and charming manner.

Cute Animal Figurines

cute animal figurines

Create adorable animal figurines using clay to add a charming touch to your space or as delightful gifts for friends.

Beaded Bracelets

beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are a fun way to add a pop of color and style to your outfit. Creating your own allows for endless customization and personalization to suit your taste. They make great gifts and are a fantastic way to express your creativity through wearable art.

Cable Organizers

cable organizers

Cable organizers are handy tools to prevent tangled cords and cables. They help keep your workspace tidy by neatly holding charging cables, earphones, and other cords in place. They come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different cables and devices.

Phone Stands

phone stands

Phone stands provide a convenient way to prop up your phone for easy viewing while keeping your hands free for other tasks. They come in various designs and can be made using clay to add a personalized touch to your workspace or bedside table.

Flower Tealight Holders

flower tealight holders

Create charming holders for tealights using clay to add a touch of nature to your home decor.



Keychains: Fun accessories that add personality to your keys and make them easier to find in your bag or around the house.

Fridge Magnets

fridge magnets

Create fun and colorful fridge magnets using clay to keep notes and reminders within easy reach.

Pen Holders

pen holders

Pen holders are practical and decorative items that help organize your workspace while adding a touch of personality.

Cookie Cutter Shapes

cookie cutter shapes

Create fun and unique cookie cutter shapes using clay to add a personal touch to your baking adventures.

Wall Hangings

wall hangings

Wall hangings offer a creative way to decorate your space while showcasing your clay crafting skills.

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