15 Clay Art for Kids Ideas to Inspire Creativity

Discover fresh and fun clay art projects that kids will love and can easily create at home.

Animal Figurines

animal figurines

Create cute animal figurines using clay to spark your child’s creativity and imagination as they mold their favorite animals with their hands.

Handprint Plaques

handprint plaques

Handprint plaques are a creative way for kids to preserve memories in clay art projects. They capture a moment in time with a personal touch that can be displayed or gifted to loved ones.

Fairy Garden Sculptures

fairy garden sculptures

Fairy garden sculptures add a touch of whimsy to any garden setting, allowing kids to create magical miniature worlds populated by fairies, gnomes, and other fantastical creatures.

Clay Bead Necklaces

clay bead necklaces

Thread colorful clay beads onto a string to create fun and unique necklaces that kids can wear with pride.

Miniature Food Items

miniature food items

Create adorable miniature food items using clay to add a playful touch to your kids’ art projects.

Underwater Scenes With Fish and Coral

underwater scenes with fish and coral

Create colorful underwater scenes using clay to sculpt fish and coral.

Treasure Boxes With Lids

treasure boxes with lids

Treasure boxes with lids in clay art for kids serve as versatile storage containers for small trinkets and keepsakes, encouraging creativity and organization in a fun way.

Customized Pencil Holders

customized pencil holders

Customized pencil holders can add a personal touch to a child’s study space while helping keep pens and pencils organized.

Clay Leaf Prints

clay leaf prints

Creating clay leaf prints is a fun way for kids to capture the intricate details of leaves on clay.

Cartoon Character Models

cartoon character models

Cartoon character models can be a fun way for kids to unleash their creativity and bring their favorite characters to life using clay.

Finger Puppets

finger puppets

Finger puppets add a playful touch to storytelling and encourage imaginative play in children.

DIY Clay Stamps

diy clay stamps

DIY clay stamps can add a personalized touch to your child’s artwork by creating unique patterns and designs. Kids can have fun exploring different textures and shapes to make their own stamps for endless creative possibilities.

Miniature Houses

miniature houses

Create adorable tiny houses using clay to spark your child’s imagination and storytelling skills.

Clay Snowmen With Fabric Accessories

clay snowmen with fabric accessories

Craft clay snowmen and have fun accessorizing them with fabric scarves, hats, and mittens to create a charming winter scene.

Space Scenes With Planets and Stars

space scenes with planets and stars

Create a miniature universe with clay, featuring planets and stars to ignite your child’s imagination.

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