15 Clay Ashtray Ideas for Creative and Functional Decor

Learn how to craft unique and artistic clay ashtrays that stand out both in function and style.

Geometric Patterns With Relief Designs

geometric patterns with relief designs

Geometric patterns with relief designs add a modern and sophisticated touch to clay ashtrays, elevating their appeal and creating a visually interesting piece suitable for any decor.

Leaf Imprint Clay Ashtray

leaf imprint clay ashtray

Create unique clay ashtrays by incorporating leaf imprints for a nature-inspired design element.

Ocean-inspired With Shells and Wave Textures

ocean inspired with shells and wave textures

Create an Ocean-inspired clay ashtray incorporating shells and wave textures for a beach-themed aesthetic.

Vintage Car Shaped Ashtray

vintage car shaped ashtray

A vintage car shaped ashtray adds a nostalgic touch to your smoking area, perfect for vintage enthusiasts or car lovers looking to add a quirky element to their decor.

Handprint Personalized Ashtray

handprint personalized ashtray

Create a personalized ashtray using handprints for a unique touch.

Glowing-in-the-dark Clay Ashtray

glowing in the dark clay ashtray

Create a clay ashtray that glows in the dark, adding a unique and eye-catching element to your crafting collection.

Sunken Garden Design With Artificial Succulents

sunken garden design with artificial succulents

This idea involves creating an ashtray design that resembles a sunken garden, complete with artificial succulents adorning the edges, adding a unique touch of nature to your space.

Embedded Stone or Crystal Decoration

embedded stone or crystal decoration

Add a touch of elegance to your clay ashtray by embedding stunning stones or crystals; it adds a unique and luxurious flair to your creation, making it a stylish and eye-catching piece for your home.

Mini Volcano Shaped With Red Glazed Interior

mini volcano shaped with red glazed interior

Create a clay ashtray resembling a mini volcano with a vibrant red glazed interior that adds a striking and unique touch to your collection.

Yin-yang Themed Ashtray

yin yang themed ashtray

This ashtray design embodies harmony and balance through the contrasting elements it showcases.

Footprint or Paw Print Design

footprint or paw print design

Capture your pet’s unique imprint on a clay ashtray for a personalized touch.

Star Constellation Themed With Star Holes

star constellation themed with star holes

This clay ashtray idea features star-shaped holes arranged in constellation patterns, creating a whimsical and celestial design that adds a touch of mystique to your smoking area.

Customizable Puzzle Piece Ashtrays

customizable puzzle piece ashtrays

Customizable puzzle piece ashtrays add a fun and interactive element to your crafting experience. Let your creativity shine by mixing and matching different puzzle pieces to create a unique ashtray design.

Abstract Art-inspired Swirls and Splashes

abstract art inspired swirls and splashes

Create clay ashtrays with abstract art-inspired swirls and splashes for a unique and vibrant design option.

Movie Reel Shape With Film-themed Engravings

movie reel shape with film themed engravings

The movie reel-shaped clay ashtray features intricate film-themed engravings inspired by classic cinema, perfect for movie buffs and film enthusiasts looking to add a touch of Hollywood glamour to their smoking accessories.

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