15 Clay Piggy Bank Ideas to Inspire Your Next DIY Project

Discover creative and quirky ideas for making your own clay piggy bank that really stands out from the crowd.

Galaxy-themed Piggy Bank With Star and Planet Designs

galaxy themed piggy bank with star and planet designs

Imagine a piggy bank that transports your savings to outer space with cosmic decorations. It’s a fun and unique way to collect coins!

Fruit-shaped Banks, Like Apples or Oranges, With Leafy Tops

fruit shaped banks like apples or oranges with leafy tops

Add a fruity twist to your savings with these quirky piggy banks shaped like apples or oranges, complete with leafy tops for a fun and refreshing way to save money.

Miniature Suitcases for Saving Travel Funds

miniature suitcases for saving travel funds

Imagine cute little suitcases doubling as piggy banks for stashing away your travel savings.

Animal Figures, Such As Elephants or Turtles, With Slot On Back

animal figures such as elephants or turtles with slot on back

These clay piggy banks resemble animals like elephants or turtles, featuring coin slots on their backs for a fun and functional twist on traditional designs. With these charming creations, you can add a whimsical touch to your savings routine and enjoy the creativity they bring to your space.

Stackable Coin Slots Representing Different Types of Savings

stackable coin slots representing different types of savings

Imagine stackable coin slots shaped like building blocks, each designated for a different savings goal, adding a fun twist to traditional piggy banks.

Fairy-tale Castles With Turrets As Coin Slots

fairy tale castles with turrets as coin slots

Imagine a whimsical piggy bank shaped like a castle with turrets to drop your coins into, adding a touch of magic to your savings journey.

Sports Equipment Shapes, Like a Soccer Ball or Basketball

sports equipment shapes like a soccer ball or basketball

For the Sports equipment shapes, imagine a fun soccer ball or basketball design for a unique piggy bank to encourage saving in a sporty way.

Car-shaped Banks With Slots On the Roof

car shaped banks with slots on the roof

Car-shaped banks with slots on the roof are a quirky and playful twist on traditional piggy banks, making saving fun and encouraging kids to stash their coins.

Cactus-shaped Designs, Minimizing Details for a Modern Look

cactus shaped designs minimizing details for a modern look

Cactus-shaped piggy banks offer a minimalist, modern aesthetic to your savings collection.

Nested Doll Piggy Banks, With Smaller Banks Inside Larger Ones

nested doll piggy banks with smaller banks inside larger ones

Nested doll piggy banks feature smaller banks inside larger ones, offering a unique twist on traditional savings containers. Each layer can represent different savings goals or allow for separating coins by value.

Underwater-themed With Coral and Aquatic Animals

underwater themed with coral and aquatic animals

Imagine a piggy bank that resembles an underwater paradise, complete with vibrant coral reefs and whimsical aquatic creatures, adding a touch of magic to your savings journey.

Alphabet-block-shaped Banks for Children

alphabet block shaped banks for children

Alphabet-block-shaped banks for children serve as both educational tools and fun savings containers with a playful design.

Customizable Banks With Chalkboard Paint for Labeling Savings Goals

customizable banks with chalkboard paint for labeling savings goals

These customizable banks are a fun way to label your savings goals. The chalkboard paint lets you personalize and track your progress easily.

Robot-themed With Movable Arms to Drop in Coins

robot themed with movable arms to drop in coins

Imagine a quirky piggy bank designed in the style of a robot, complete with movable arms that allow you to drop coins in a fun and interactive way.

Piggy Banks That Look Like Mini Houses or Buildings

piggy banks that look like mini houses or buildings

Perfect for architecture enthusiasts or those saving for their dream home, these piggy banks resemble miniature houses or buildings. Their charming design adds a touch of whimsy to any savings goal.

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