15 Clay Project Ideas for High School: Inspire Your Art Class Creativity

Discover fresh and creative clay project ideas that will transform high school art classes into a haven of artistic expression.

Mythical Creature Sculptures

mythical creature sculptures

Unleash creativity by sculpting fantastical creatures out of clay. Sprinkle some magic into your high school art project.

Abstract Expressionist Tiles

abstract expressionist tiles

These abstract expressionist tiles allow students to explore color and texture in a unique way, perfect for high school art projects.

Functional Pottery Pieces (mugs, Bowls)

functional pottery pieces mugs bowls

Functional pottery pieces like mugs and bowls offer high school students the opportunity to create beautiful and practical items that can be used in their daily lives.

Self-portrait Busts

self portrait busts

Self-portrait busts: Express individuality through clay sculptures of one’s own likeness, a personalized and detailed art project that challenges students to capture their unique features in 3-dimensional form.

Miniature Historical Landmarks

miniature historical landmarks

Craft your favorite historical landmarks using clay to create intricate miniature replicas that showcase your attention to detail and creativity.

Nature-inspired Relief Panels

nature inspired relief panels

Nature-inspired relief panels are clay projects involving creating textured artworks inspired by the natural world, adding depth and dimension to the designs.

Architectural Model of an Ideal City

architectural model of an ideal city

Creating an architectural model of an ideal city allows high school students to unleash their creativity by designing buildings, parks, and infrastructure for a fictional urban landscape.

Themed Chess Set Pieces

themed chess set pieces

Unleash creativity by designing unique chess set pieces inspired by a chosen theme, adding a personalized twist to the classic game.

Customized Smartphone Holders

customized smartphone holders

Customized smartphone holders add a personal touch to everyday objects. A fun and practical project that high schoolers will enjoy making. Perfect for displaying and using smartphones in style.

Cultural Masks From Around the World

cultural masks from around the world

Explore the fascinating art of crafting clay masks inspired by different cultures worldwide.

Interlocking Puzzle Sculptures

interlocking puzzle sculptures

Students can create clay puzzle sculptures that interlock to form a larger piece, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills.

Clay Animation Characters

clay animation characters

Clay animation characters are colorful figurines made from clay used in stop-motion animations. Each character is carefully crafted and manipulated in small increments to create the illusion of movement in the final film.

Ocean Life Bas-relief

ocean life bas relief

Immerse high school students’ creativity in the depths of the ocean by creating clay bas-relief artworks featuring various marine life creatures. Let your imagination swim wild with this project that combines sculpting skills with a love for the aquatic world.

Recreating Famous Paintings in Bas-relief

recreating famous paintings in bas relief

Capture famous paintings in a three-dimensional clay artwork, adding depth and texture to iconic artworks.

Zodiac Sign Figurines

zodiac sign figurines

Create clay figurines representing each of the zodiac signs, allowing students to explore their creativity through sculpting unique characters embodying astrological traits. Each figurine can be personalized to reflect the characteristics associated with the specific zodiac sign, making it a fun and personalized project for high school students to enjoy.

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