15 Clay Storage Ideas to Organize Your Creative Space

Discover practical and creative ways to store your clay and keep your workspace neat and tidy.

Hanging Mesh Baskets

hanging mesh baskets

Hanging mesh baskets provide a convenient and space-saving solution for storing clay. The baskets can be hung from ceilings or walls, keeping the clay easily accessible and organized.

Stackable Wooden Crates

stackable wooden crates

Stackable wooden crates provide a sturdy and flexible storage solution for organizing clay supplies efficiently. These crates can be easily stacked to save space in your crafting area while keeping your clay neatly stored and easily accessible.

Custom Clay Cubbies With Labels

custom clay cubbies with labels

Custom clay cubbies with labels ensure a well-organized and visually appealing storage solution for your clay collection, making it easy to locate specific clay types and colors quickly.

Rolling Bins With Airtight Lids

rolling bins with airtight lids

Rolling bins with airtight lids are a convenient storage option for keeping your clay fresh and easily accessible. These bins are great for organizing different types of clay and protecting them from drying out. The rolling feature makes it effortless to move your clay around your workspace as needed.

Vertical Pegboard Storage Towers

vertical pegboard storage towers

Easily accessible storage solution for clay supplies, maximizing vertical space and keeping tools within reach on a pegboard tower.

Retractable Under-table Drawers

retractable under table drawers

Retractable under-table drawers provide hidden storage for clay supplies underneath work surfaces, optimizing space in craft rooms and keeping materials easily accessible.

Clay Conditioning Racks

clay conditioning racks

Clay conditioning racks offer a convenient way to store clay while they are being conditioned and worked with, allowing easy access and organization during crafting sessions.

Ceiling-mounted Clay Holders

ceiling mounted clay holders

Install ceiling-mounted clay holders to free up valuable table and shelf space in your craft room.

Modular Shelving Units With Adjustable Compartments

modular shelving units with adjustable compartments

Modular shelving units with adjustable compartments are versatile storage solutions for clay artists. These units allow for customizable storage space to accommodate different sizes and types of clay materials. They provide flexibility in organizing tools, molds, and other craft supplies neatly. Artisans can easily modify the compartments to suit their changing storage needs.

Clay Carousel With Segregated Bins

clay carousel with segregated bins

Imagine a rotating clay carousel with separate bins for each color or type – a convenient and organized way to store your clay collection.

Vacuum-sealed Clay Pouches

vacuum sealed clay pouches

Vacuum-sealed clay pouches are a great way to store clay and keep it fresh for longer periods of time.

Portable Clay Caddies With Tool Compartments

portable clay caddies with tool compartments

Portable clay caddies with tool compartments provide convenient storage and organization on-the-go for your clay sculpting tools and materials.

Magnetic Wall Panels With Clay Pot Attachments

magnetic wall panels with clay pot attachments

Organize your clay storage space creatively with magnetic wall panels featuring clay pot attachments for easy access and a visually appealing display.

Heated Clay Storage Boxes to Maintain Pliability

heated clay storage boxes to maintain pliability

Heated clay storage boxes keep your clay at the perfect temperature for effortless molding and shaping, ensuring it stays pliable and workable for your crafts.

Repurposed Wine Racks for Cylindrical Clay Storage

repurposed wine racks for cylindrical clay storage

Consider repurposing wine racks to store your cylindrical clay pieces efficiently while adding a touch of creativity to your crafting space.

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