15 Disney Clay Ideas

Discover charming and quirky Disney clay ideas that will spark your imagination and bring magic to your craft projects.

Mickey Mouse-shaped Trinket Dish

mickey mouse shaped trinket dish

Craft a charming trinket dish inspired by a classic Disney character for storing your small jewelry pieces or keys in style.

Miniature Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage

miniature cinderella pumpkin carriage

Create a whimsical Cinderella pumpkin carriage using clay for a magical touch to your Disney-inspired crafts collection.

Rapunzel’s Tower Figurine

rapunzels tower figurine

Create a whimsical clay figurine inspired by Rapunzel’s iconic tower.

Baby Yoda Keychain

baby yoda keychain

Create an adorable Baby Yoda keychain perfect for Star Wars fans to add a pop of cuteness to their keys or bags, showcasing everyone’s favorite little green alien character.

Olaf Pencil Holder

olaf pencil holder

Transform your desk into a winter wonderland with this fun and practical Olaf pencil holder, adding a touch of whimsy to your workspace.

Maleficent Dragon Sculpture

maleficent dragon sculpture

Make Maleficent come to life on your craft table with a detailed dragon sculpture inspired by the iconic Disney villain.

Stitch Phone Stand

stitch phone stand

Stitch phone stand: A fun and quirky way to keep your phone upright while adding a touch of Disney magic to your desk or nightstand.

Ariel’s Seashell Jewelry Box

ariels seashell jewelry box

Create a unique jewelry box inspired by Ariel’s seashell. Perfect for storing your favorite trinkets in a whimsical and magical way.

Jack Skellington Magnets

jack skellington magnets

Jack Skellington magnets add a touch of Halloween charm to your fridge or magnetic board. They’re perfect for fans of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” looking to showcase their love for the iconic character.

Dumbo Hanging Planter

dumbo hanging planter

The Dumbo hanging planter is a delightful way to add a touch of Disney magic to your indoor garden, perfect for fans of this beloved flying elephant.

Simba and Nala Bookends

simba and nala bookends

An adorable addition to your bookshelf, these Simba and Nala bookends will bring the Lion King spirit into your home decor.

Tinker Bell Nightlight Cover

tinker bell nightlight cover

Imagine a whimsical nightlight cover inspired by the enchanting Tinker Bell, bringing a touch of magic to your bedtime routine.

Beauty and the Beast Rose Dome

beauty and the beast rose dome

Capture the magic of Beauty and the Beast with a stunning rose dome to adorn your space with elegance and enchantment.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Set

alice in wonderland tea set

Imagine hosting a whimsical tea party with a unique Disney-inspired tea set straight out of Wonderland.

Wall-E and EVE Figurines

wall e and eve figurines

Create adorable clay figurines of Wall-E and EVE to add a touch of futuristic charm to your decor.

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