15 Disney Clay Bead Bracelet Ideas for Creative Crafting

Discover enchanting Disney clay bead bracelet ideas that will add a touch of magic to your accessory collection.

Mickey Mouse Charm Bracelet With Red, Black, and Yellow Clay Beads

mickey mouse charm bracelet with red black and yellow clay beads

This bracelet captures the iconic colors of Mickey Mouse using clay beads.

Princess-themed Bracelet With Pastel-colored Beads and Tiny Tiara Charms

princess themed bracelet with pastel colored beads and tiny tiara charms

Create a whimsical Princess-themed bracelet using delicate pastel-colored beads and intricate tiny tiara charms for a touch of royal elegance.

Frozen-inspired Icy Blue and White Beads With a Snowflake Charm

frozen inspired icy blue and white beads with a snowflake charm

Embrace the winter wonderland with a Frozen-inspired bracelet featuring icy blue and white beads paired with an elegant snowflake charm.

The Little Mermaid Bracelet With Green and Purple Beads and a Seashell Charm

the little mermaid bracelet with green and purple beads and a seashell charm

A Little Mermaid-inspired bracelet featuring colors of the ocean and a seashell charm for a touch of under-the-sea whimsy.

Toy Story Alien Bracelet With Green Beads and Three-eyed Alien Charms

toy story alien bracelet with green beads and three eyed alien charms

A Toy Story alien bracelet features green beads and three-eyed alien charms, adding a quirky and fun touch to your Disney-inspired accessory collection.

Tinker Bell Bracelet With Green and Gold Beads and Fairy Wing Charms

tinker bell bracelet with green and gold beads and fairy wing charms

Craft a whimsical Tinker Bell-inspired bracelet using vibrant green and gold beads adorned with delicate fairy wing charms for a touch of magic.

Moana-inspired Bracelet With Ocean Blue Beads and a Miniature Canoe Charm

moana inspired bracelet with ocean blue beads and a miniature canoe charm

This bracelet captures the adventurous spirit of Moana with ocean blue beads and a cute miniature canoe charm.

Cinderella Carriage Bracelet With Pale Blue Beads and a Golden Carriage Charm

cinderella carriage bracelet with pale blue beads and a golden carriage charm

Create a fairytale-inspired bracelet by using pale blue beads paired with a golden carriage charm to capture the essence of Cinderella’s magical story.

Lion King Bracelet With Earth-toned Beads and a Lion Charm

lion king bracelet with earth toned beads and a lion charm

Add a touch of the wild to your Disney clay bead bracelet collection with earth-toned beads and a majestic lion charm.

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Bracelet With Purple Beads and a Lamp Charm

aladdins magic lamp bracelet with purple beads and a lamp charm

Create a magical Aladdin-themed bracelet using purple beads and a lamp charm, transporting you to a whole new world of Disney-inspired jewelry.

Beauty and the Beast Rose Bracelet With Red and Gold Beads and a Rose Charm

beauty and the beast rose bracelet with red and gold beads and a rose charm

Craft a stunning Beauty and the Beast-themed bracelet with a blend of red and gold beads accentuated by a delicate rose charm, reminiscent of the enchanted rose from the classic tale.

Finding Nemo Bracelet With Bright Orange Beads and a Fish Charm

finding nemo bracelet with bright orange beads and a fish charm

Create a fun Finding Nemo-inspired bracelet using bright orange beads and a cute fish charm that will bring the underwater adventure to your accessory collection!

Pirates of the Caribbean Bracelet With Black and Gold Beads and a Skull Charm

pirates of the caribbean bracelet with black and gold beads and a skull charm

Create a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed bracelet using black and gold beads with a skull charm for a swashbuckling accessory.

Winnie the Pooh Bracelet With Yellow and Red Beads and a Honey Pot Charm

winnie the pooh bracelet with yellow and red beads and a honey pot charm

The Winnie the Pooh bracelet features iconic yellow and red beads with a charming honey pot charm, perfect for fans of the lovable bear.

Sleeping Beauty Bracelet With Pink and Gold Beads and a Spinning Wheel Charm

sleeping beauty bracelet with pink and gold beads and a spinning wheel charm

This Sleeping Beauty bracelet captures the elegance of the classic fairy tale with its pink and gold beads accentuated by a spinning wheel charm.

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